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Our Stump Removal Services

Trees are a precious gift to all living beings from mother earth and necessary for the survival of all species on this planet. It’s a fact that we all love to be surrounded by green trees. But, at times, trees may pose safety hazards, and that is when removing them becomes necessary. However, cutting down a tree comes with a question – how do you deal with the stump a tree leaves behind? A stump is the last sturdy part of a fallen tree anchored deep into the ground. Since leaving a stump after the tree has been cut might result in a natural process of decaying, eradicating it or grinding it down would be the best option. You can either opt for professional stump removal services, or you can roll up your sleeves and get to work yourself.

Leaving Stump To Decay

When you leave a stump on the ground, it goes through a long and slow decaying process. Nobody would want rotting tree stumps in the middle of their lawn or seeing their family members tripping over them. Moreover, termites and other pests could make them their home and spread to other plants in your backyard. Furthermore, mowing your lawn will not be a seamless experience with these decaying tree stumps.

Stump roots can cause damage to your mower machinery during accidental rollovers and leach on soil nutrients preventing the growth of these new plants. Hence, new plantations might not give you results until you remove the old decaying roots out of the ground.

Removing Stump Completely

Stump removal is an intrusive process to start with. There are special types of equipment used to dig up an entire stump along with the roots. Moreover, the stump removal process can often be time-consuming and requires several powerful tools. Some professionals make use of chemicals as an inexpensive means to remove smaller stumps.

Burning down stumps can also be an option only if your neighborhood allows the use of kerosene. This process might require you to drill holes into the stump and fill them with powdered fuel before igniting them. However, complete removal could not even be an option for larger stumps as it would leave a big hole in the ground.

Complete removal of big stumps requires you to fill up the land with new soil for new plantations and further landscaping. However, such inexpensive stump removal methods can damage your soil and prove detrimental to the environment. Thus, we use proper eco-friendly stump grinding methods to ensure customer satisfaction and no harm to the environment.

Stump Grinding

Going ahead with stump grinding can save you time during the removal process as professional arborists shred old stumps into wood chips in this process. Stump grinding involves the use of machines to shred the stumps alone, which leaves the roots behind. Hence, grinding is more efficient for those who would not mind the roots left untouched. The wood chips produced in the process could be useful for you in your garden as you can use these as mulch for your plants.

Larger stumps, however, can mean a much bigger pile of chips. Thus, old roots are left to decay naturally after grinding. These roots can spread up to 12 feet around where the old stump stood, depending upon the age of the fallen tree. You might expect these roots to decay out in about a decade or more completely.