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For years, Bronx Tree Removal has been offering high-quality tree removal services.


Trees! Beautiful, magnificent structures that can breathe life, beauty, and fresh air into any urban neighborhood. Believe it or not, we love trees. We want to save as many of them as possible in The Bronx. Unfortunately, whether it’s as a result of storm damage, awkward growth patterns, or plain old wear and tear, sometimes a tree just gotta go!

Are you looking for tree trimming, tree removal, or storm clean-up in the Bronx? Call your local tree company 24/7, and we will be there to help you when you need us! Fast, affordable, and effective, Bronx Tree Removal carries out Tree Trimming, Tree Cutting, and Emergency Tree Removal Services in your local area!

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Why Do I Need
Tree Removal?

At Bronx Tree Removal, our clients request our services for many different reasons. These can range from major tree removal to pretty minor tree trimming jobs. Whether your problem tree is 100 ft high or it’s a low-lying root damaging your patio, it’s all in a day’s work for the people at Bronx Tree Removal.

If you think you might have a “problem tree” that needs assessing, get our team to take a look. We provide our estimates free of charge because we’re sure you won’t get a better tree removal service anywhere else in the Bronx.

Can’t I Just Remove it Myself?

Why do I need
an expert?

Reasons NOT to attempt tree removal yourself include:


Overhead utility lines. These are extremely hazardous and very often are in close proximity to urban trees. Never work near overhead utility lines.


Tree fall: Believe it or not, it’s not just down to good luck that a tree being cut knows not to fall into your lounge room. Tree felling is a highly skilled job, and when done wrong, can cause huge amounts of property damage.


Tree fall: Believe it or not, it’s not just down to good luck that a tree being cut A job done poorly by an inexperienced person will very often mean a trained expert will have to finish the job at a later date, costing more time and money.
not to fall into your lounge room. Tree felling is a highly skilled job, and when done wrong, can cause huge amounts of property damage.


Inexperienced use of specialized machinery can at best damage the machinery. At worst it can cause you injury.


Working at heights without the correct safety equipment or training. Well, nobody needs to be told that that’s just not a good idea.
Effective and safe tree cutting, trimming and removal requires a high level of expertise and specialized safety compliant equipment. Some trees can be over 100 ft high! This is not a job for an amateur.

At Bronx Tree Removal we cut trees, not corners!

We pride ourselves on providing a professional, friendly, and affordable service to every single one of our clients. We never compromise on safety. Each of our employees is trained to the highest standard, using highly specialized, well-maintained equipment to carry out their task. They understand the various city and other legal ordinances that affect our industry. Not only will the job be done safely, but it will be done to code as well.

We’ve been in the business, and in the neighborhood, for over 50 years! That’s more than half a century of getting to know the trees (and the traffic) around the Bronx. Since we have been operating since 1959, you can consider it a bonus that we understand the narrow streets and “quirkiness” of the Bronx one-way system. We’re familiar with the sometimes creative parking on the sidewalks, and we know how to get where we need to get to without delay.

What does this mean for you? We get there when we say we’ll get there. No waiting around, no re-scheduling, and no broken promises.

Reasons to choose Bronx Tree Removal

Over 50 years of experience working in the local neighborhood

Familiar with local terrain, topography, and climate

No job is
too big or too small

Emergency Call Out

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Why Choose Bronx Tree Removal?

At Bronx Tree Removal we like to think our customer service stands out above the rest — kind of like your trees! However, we couldn’t do it without our customers. All of our expertise and efficiency comes from over 50 years of listening to our customers.

We love to hear from you with the good, the bad, the strange, and the funny! If you’d like to post any comments, we welcome them. Your referrals mean the world to us.

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